Team Building with clay

If you are looking for a fun as well as useful experience for your team, Elektra Ceramics Studio organizes team building workshops for small and large groups. Depending on the number of participants, the workshops can take place at the studio or other venues. Pottery helps us be calm and focused, teaching us in practice that the desired result comes when we are committed, away from distractions, ringing mobile phones and e-mails that must be answered immediately. But apart from that, pottery is clay and water, it is a game through which we create with our own hands, our own special design objects.

So, give your group the opportunity for a handmade experience that will strengthen their relationships, help them reconnect with their concentration and efficiency, and put their imagination back to work in the most fun way. When you leave don’t forget to get your personal creations!

Do you find all this interesting but also useful for the better development of your team?
Then, contact us at 6974432178 or [email protected]